March 31, 2010

Ribbon Loop Soft Block

My niece was just born the other day and I wanted to make a super fast and fun gift to take over in exchange for me getting to hold her.  This is such a fun and easy project.  To make this project easier I first sewed the ribbon to the flannel squares as close to the edge as possible before constructing the block.   This way I knew that all the ribbon was securely attached.

I think next time I'm going to do some appliqué on the sides of the block and add some ribbon there instead of so much at the seams.

March 5, 2010

New and Improved Block Container

FROM THIS.......
TO THIS.....
With a little mod podge and some construction fabric I was able to transform a boring container into the perfect way to store our wooden blocks.   My mom supplied me with the idea, the used container, and the fabric.  Thanks Mom! 

March 3, 2010

Fabric Travel High Chair

One of the down sides about traveling with kids is the amount of stuff that you have to take!  By the time you get all of their stuff in the car you can only take one change of clothing and your toothbrush for yourself.  One of those necessities is a high chair.  They have some pretty small ones you can buy like the ones that strap to a chair or to the table but they both take up too much room.  One day I came across a fabric travel high chair that only takes up 1% of the trunk.  
I've had this project 98% done for months now but I FINALLY finished putting the last little Velcro on it.  It was such a simple project and very handy to take on trips.
I first spotted the project at homemade by jill and she linked to a tutorial at this momma makes stuff.  I used the measurements that Jill had on her site and some of my scrap fabric.  It worked perfectly.  This would make a great baby shower gift.