January 14, 2010

Toddler Walking Rope

I was just recently put in charge of 3 year olds at our church and needed something to help me get 7 of them from one destination to another.  I came up with this....
Every child just holds their own loop, and since they are already spaced out, I don't have them walking on one another.  It was really simple to make and cost me very little since I was able to use fabric from my stash.  I got some of my yard sale scrap fabric and cut 2 pieces of fabric 4 inches by 45 inches.

I then cut 8 straps of jean fabric and then 8 straps of matching fabric that was 1/2 inch wider.  Before cutting the yellow fabric out I ironed Heat n' Bond to it.  I then wrapped each jean strap in the other fabric so all the raw edges on the jean strap were hidden and then ironed.

I placed the right sides together on the long strip and pinned the straps on in between the two fabrics.  Sew the two long sides and one short side, leaving one short side open and ready for stuffing.  After turning it right side out I sewed on the edge all the way around the three sides to make sure the loops were in securely. I just used trash bags to stuff.  Stuffing would have worked too but I had way to many trash bags that I needed to use up and I'm cheap. :)  I took the last foot and cut the fabric into thirds.  I tied a not at the top, then braided  the fabric and finished up with another not.  I did it this way so I can open it up if I need too and also so I had a nice little section for me to hold onto.  UPDATE:  I've had to add more stuffing to the rope because the trash bags condensed after use.  I'm glad that I didn't sew it closed!

There are a lot cuter designs out there that you can buy but you can't beat a project that was almost free.  I originally got the idea for one when a friend of mine made one into a snake.

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Lydia Stewart said...

I could sure use something like that just with my kids! :)