January 6, 2010

First Birthday Cake

(Sorry for the bad photos.  We got a new camera that we are now taking back!)

I decided to make my son's first cake.  It was fun but a lot more work then I'll probably do most of the time. (I even used cake mixes and it still took me forever to do!)
I decided I wanted it colorful inside so I made up the cake mixes like the box instruct you too and then I divided it up into four bowls.  I used Gel food coloring to die the cake the different colors.  I then randomly spooned in the cake mix into my two pans.  I baked it like normal and then when the cake was done and cooled I put them in the freezer.  The next day I stacked the two cakes on top of each other and cut them into the number one. 
I made up some frosting and put frosting between the two cakes and then the sides and top.  The coolest way that I learned to get the frosting to look smooth is to use wax paper.  After you have your frosting on the cake take your wax paper and push it a long the frosting with your fingers until the frosting is smooth.  The frosting won't stick to the wax paper.  (Sorry I couldn't find where I found this helpful tip.)  Also all I had was whole milk when I made the frosting and it made the best frosting I've ever made.  It was the perfect consistency.   So next time you have to make a bunch of frosting, keep that in mind. 
I then used a decorative tip to decorate the outside.  To help me get the star shape I just lightly pressed a star cookie cutter on the icing.  It left just enough of an indent for me to follower with my decorative tip. I made Alex's little cake just from the scraps of the big cake and again used the cookie cutter as a guide for the frosting.

My favorite part about the cake was when you cut into it and saw all of the colors.  I looked and tasted amazing!

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GroverFamily said...

What a fun idea to make the inside multicolored! The cake turned out great and im sure it was really yummy too! Thanks for linking up:)