January 10, 2011

Family Photo Magnets

My in-laws live far away and it is always tricky when I'm trying to come up with Christmas gifts for them.  I'm too cheap to spend a lot of money on shipping but I want a good gift.  One day I was walking down a craft aisle and saw the magnetic sheets and I knew exactly what I wanted to make.....Family Photo Magnets!
   Walmart Photo has this cool program where you make colleges out of regular 4x6 photos  Click HERE for the exact location.  I uploaded every photo I could get my hands on.  Since each little photo is so small I could use pictures from Facebook.  
   I first cut the picture down a little and then peeled the backing off the magnet and put the two together.  I could fit one photo college on one magnetic sheet. Then I just cut the extra magnet away with an razor knife. I now have a lot of leftover magnet scrap and my next project will be to do this again but cut each picture out to make a lot of small magnets.  
Cost of this project: $6 for magnetic sheets at Walmart (they come in packs of two.)
$1.20 for 6 photo colleges (one hour at Walmart)
$2 for shipping since we already had a small package
1 Personalized Christmas gift for under $10

Don't you think Walmart should give me something for all this free advertising?  Then I could MAKE money on this gift :)!