June 6, 2009

Red, Black, White Kitchen

Here is the start of my kitchen decorations that I posted little awhile ago for my Frugal Red Kitchen. I finally got the rest of the kitchen done~ WAHOO! I added some smaller prints above my sink after I got really tired of looking at a white wall. Since I couldn't find any more fruit/vegetables that I thought was worth looking at, like the ones above, I decided to go for flowers.
I then worked on the shelves you see below. They used to be this brown shelf with the heart shape in the middle. Not exactly fitting with what I am doing with my kitchen. I decided I'm NOT such a fan of spray paint. I think I need to learn a little more before I attempt to use it again.
I started out by covering the hearts with cardboard which ended up cracking when I added the spray paint. I tried to paint over it but that obviously didn't work. I then took plaster and covered the cardboard, sanded it all and then tried again to repaint it. It worked that time and now I have my beautiful black shelves!
I found all of the decorations on the shelves at thrift stores or on clearance somewhere. The awesome beads are actually Styrofoam from the Craft Warehouse. I am planning on doing some more to the items pictured above. I don't feel like they are the right color of red. I will probably paint the apples and add some paper to the candles.
Both of these shelves feel a little bare to me but I'm not quite sure what else they need. Flowers maybe? Please give me some suggestions on what you think I should add.


The Douglas & Lydia Stewart Clan said...

I love the shelve- what fun colors to work with! Looks awesome!

Anna said...

that is just so cute, I need shelves but all I can ever find are the ones with hearts. (I have a ton in the attic i think) I will be doing ths but I think I will add crystal drawer pulls for the knobs to add some shabby chic bling to it to fit my style. hanks for the inspiration.