June 1, 2009

Table Runner and Place Mats

This is the wedding gift that I made for my best friend from my high school. She is getting married in a few weeks and her colors are green and brown so I decided to make them some home decor. I don't know if these are her exact colors but I thought they looked good together.
The table runner is almost 6 1/2 feet long. I had a pattern for both, the table runner and place mats, but I remembered right off the bat why I gave up sewing cloths after trying to figure out patterns. I pretty much got the dimensions from the pattern and then just looked at the picture to fill in the rest. The pattern did have me use fleece for the batting which I loved. It gave the runner and mats a thick look instead of looking poofy. I might use fleece more often now! I think they turned out pretty good but like any of my projects there are A LOT of "oh wells" and "maybe they won't notice" areas. Congratulations Sarah and Hal!

I definatly want to do at least a table runner for myself. I've learned from the mistakes that I've made. I now know how to do it better.

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