June 3, 2009

Hallway Remodel

Since we've lived here, I've had a bookshelf in my upstairs hallway that seemed to just get cluttered with everything that needed to go downstairs.   When my mom gave me the tile for Christmas and then a few months later got me the wooden box from Real Deals, I figured out the perfect place to put them.  

The two books are from Barnes & Noble from several years ago.  They were one of their speciality collections around Christmas time.  I wish I had more!  I decided to use the same colors that I am doing my living room in to help incorporate the colors throughout my home.

We got this at our local Farmer's Market and found the frame at Walmart.  Translated in Chinese it means; Obedience, Diligence, and Service (I'm not sure if it is in that order).  At least we hope it means that because we would never know!

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