May 25, 2011

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

Whenever I sew I usually end up with a few pins still in my tomato pin cushion, which I usually lose, and several all over the table and even more on the floor.  I found a great idea to make a pin cushion that I tie around my machine.   
I just stick my pins in after I pull them out of my project instead of digging for my tomato cushion or just leaving them on the table.  
One of my most loves and used projects.  Plus, it is so much cuter that these...
I got the idea a couple years ago from I Can Find The Time. 

May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Magnets and Card

I know that Mother's day has passed but certain things have to wait to be posted until after the holiday so I don't give away the surprise.
I decided to make homemade cards this year for Mother's Day.  The blue baby bird was for my mother-in-law and the pink baby bird was for my mother.  It took less time to make the card than looking through a hundred cards at the store. I got the adorable template from mmmcrafts and you can download the template for one of these adorable momma bird cards HERE.
For inside the card, I found a wonderful poem about mother birds by Mittur Ramprasad.  I could not ask for a better poem to go with this cute mother bird template.
I also included this quote by Marjorie Hinckley that perfectly described the life of both my mother and mother -in-law.  You can find a copy over at Ladybird Ln and either get a blue or yellow background.  I had it printed as a 5x7 photo.
 I then stuck a MOM magnet on the back. I traced the MOM on some scrap magnet sheet.
 Finally, I took some of our family pictures over the years and turned them into magnets using scrap magnet sheets.  Each one of these are about wallet size.  Walmart photo has a program where you can make a photo collage.  I just put two pictures on each collage.  
I did a similar project with my Family Photo Magnets.  

May 8, 2011

Nursing Strap

My sister-in-law just recently had her fourth child and has never had any kind of nursing cover.  She didn't want to cart around a nursing cover that was bulky so I came up with making a strap that attaches to any blanket that she has on hand.
I got the idea from winning this Cover Me Strap from a giveaway blog.  
To help me create my own version, I used part of the nursing cover tutorial from Sew Much Ado.  
 I attached two of the ends to mitten clips that I purchased from JoAnns.  
 I followed the tutorial on attaching the d-rings to make the strap is adjustable.  
Next time I don't think I'll make it as thick as the tutorial shows.  The tutorial cuts the straps out at 4.25'' but next time I'll cut it at 3''.  By cutting it thinner it will fit better in the mitten clips and the d-rings.  I'll also make it a little shorter.  I think a length of 18'' instead of 26'' would be more than long enough for this strap.

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