May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Magnets and Card

I know that Mother's day has passed but certain things have to wait to be posted until after the holiday so I don't give away the surprise.
I decided to make homemade cards this year for Mother's Day.  The blue baby bird was for my mother-in-law and the pink baby bird was for my mother.  It took less time to make the card than looking through a hundred cards at the store. I got the adorable template from mmmcrafts and you can download the template for one of these adorable momma bird cards HERE.
For inside the card, I found a wonderful poem about mother birds by Mittur Ramprasad.  I could not ask for a better poem to go with this cute mother bird template.
I also included this quote by Marjorie Hinckley that perfectly described the life of both my mother and mother -in-law.  You can find a copy over at Ladybird Ln and either get a blue or yellow background.  I had it printed as a 5x7 photo.
 I then stuck a MOM magnet on the back. I traced the MOM on some scrap magnet sheet.
 Finally, I took some of our family pictures over the years and turned them into magnets using scrap magnet sheets.  Each one of these are about wallet size.  Walmart photo has a program where you can make a photo collage.  I just put two pictures on each collage.  
I did a similar project with my Family Photo Magnets.  

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