November 21, 2011

Turkey Rolls!

For Thanksgiving Day last year, I decided to liven up my rolls.  
I used Black Peppercorns for the eyes and shaped the body and face to look like a turkey.  Then, I fanned out the other balls of dough to look like the feathers.  I gave each ball of dough enough room for them to rise.
Next time I'll put the feet on top of the turkey body as if the turkey is sitting down.  
Spread some butter on the rolls and now you have a fun way to display your rolls!  

November 15, 2011

Double Sided Nursing Cover

A friend of mine is having her 5th baby in a few days and never had a nursing cover.  I couldn't let the misfortune to go on any longer! 
I think having the double layers helps the peep hole stay open while nursing.  I also like having pockets on the inside to store pacifiers, nursing pads or burp cloths.  
Made by the Mamamonster has a great tutorial that I follow every time I make a nursing cover.  It is only one sided so I also use Our Side Notes tutorial for the double sided and pockets.  Someday I'll make my own combining the two!

I found the fabric at JoAnns.

Scrap Belt & Applique Shirt

My niece just turned three.  Since I don't have a girl to dress up in pink, I take advantage of every birthday and Christmas that comes around.
   This year I made her a cute applique bird shirt.  I used scraps from my stash and made my own bird pattern on cardboard before cutting out the fabric.  I found the cute lettuce edged shirt at Walmart.
I thought it added a lot of character to have the wing from the bird not completely attached.

I also made a Scrap Pieced Belt from the tutorial by Ashley at Make It and Love It.  Go HERE for the tutorial.  Super simple and I had everything in my stash.