July 2, 2009

Some of my favorite HEALTHY whole wheat food

My husband and I have switched over to just eating whole grain food. We do have exceptions in our diet but for the most part we just eat exclusively whole grain. At first the switch was very difficult because white flour tastes SOOO good! We had to retrain our taste buds and dig deep for the best tasting products. I've come to really love eating whole wheat. I get full so much sooner and I have a lot more energy throughout my day. Unfortunately, not all whole wheat products are worth eating. Even with us being used to the whole grains, some food just doesn't taste good. I would like to share with you some of the things that I've found that are by far the best whole grain products (and in my price range) that I can get at my local supermarket.
First, noodles! These are a few that I've seen in several different supermarkets. I absolutely love the Hodgson Mill Lasagna noodles. In my lasagna, I can't even taste that they are whole wheat. They also help my lasagna stay together easier. I do have to say though that I don't like Hodgson Mill's linguine noodles. I don't know why but they have such a strong bitter taste to me. I have yet to find a spaghetti that I absolutely love. The Barilla kind is pretty good but it could use some improving.
This is my favorite brown rice. I've tried other kinds and it tastes like you are eating something that should be fed to cows. I have a rice cooker so it makes cooking brown rice easy. You can cook rice in a pan but after much learning I've discovered you need to add a lot of water. I try to double the water. So if my rice goes up and inch in my pan I put another inch of water. I usually just do it by looking at it. I'm sure there is a much better way to get it good but I haven't discovered it yet. This works for me.
These tortillas are the cheapest ones and by far the best tasting ones. The Mission brand ones are disgusting! I find these ones frequently sold out from the store so make sure you stock up and freeze them. Don't settle for the other brands!

Oroweat is one of my new favorite brands. They are a little more expensive then other brands but worth it. The english muffins are soooo fresh tasting EVERY time I've got them. They make great little sandwiches and snacks. I could eat a whole bag easily!
Another Oroweat product that I just discovered is there Sandwich Thins. They are thin buns! It is about time someone came out with this! I have a lot of favorite foods that you eat on a bun and I've always felt guilty when I eat them because I have yet to found a good whole wheat hamburger bun AND they still contain A LOT of extra carbs. These are perfect. They taste wonderful too!
This is the whole wheat flour that I use because it is cheaper then other kinds and to me it tastes better than some other brands that I've had. It also has whole wheat pastry flour that works great as a thickener instead of white flour or cornstarch.

I am a strong believer in healthy eating and switching to whole grains has really helped Mike and I to loose weight and feel so much better every day.

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