April 24, 2009

Frugal Red Kitchen

Since I'm home all day I've come to hate not having color and decorations up in my apartment.  The white walls are starting to close in on me.  Even though we aren't going to be here much longer I decided to start my decorating now and the next apartment I will have them ready to go.  I decided, I love the color red and I want to make it the general theme through out my home.  The first place I started was my kitchen.  I put red, black and white together to form the perfect color combination for my kitchen.   

The first project that I've completely finished was my picture frames.  I found these four picture frames at the Goodwill and painted them black.  I got these textured mats at Walmart (which are really cool looking but you can't tell in the picture) and I painted the small inner mat black.  Finally, I found a  website online that has GREAT free pictures.  I found some red food pictures (because this is going in my kitchen) and cropped them until I was satisfied with them.  I sent the pictures to Walmart to get them printed and WALLA...I have a frugal picture college! Thanks to Little Birdie Secrets, and her trick to hang a picture collage, they are pretty much level. 
More to come!!! (if I can get the spray paint to work with me)


Red1 said...

Veryyy nice !!!

plaeasssse where did you find these beautful pics ?

Anonymous said...

Hi, what size are the pictures?