July 11, 2008

Flannel Blanket

I got this great idea for a flannel blanket and decided to make some gifts for family. To make your own double sided flannel baby blanket, you need 1 yard of flannel for the top, 1 yard of flannel for the bottom, and a spool of thread. Cut the two pieces of flannel so they are equal sizes and straight/squared up on all sides. With right sides together, sew all the way around the edges, leaving about a 5 inch hole for turning it right side out. Flip the fabric right side out, push the corners out until they are square, then press the edges smooth and flat using an iron. Using a decorative stitch, sew all the way around the outside of the quilt. This should seal the hole used to turn the quilt right side out. Such a simple but very cute blanket. Thanks Jennifer V. for the idea!

1 comment:

Brandi said...

I made one of these for myself, but never thought of doing a stitch around the outside to seal up the hole...I just hand sewed it together...glad it was for me cause it didn't turn out as great as I woulda liked!