October 8, 2009

Baby Blanket and Toy

I found both of these fabrics at a yard sale and thought that they would make a wonderful baby quilt when a friend of mine had a baby girl.  It is pink and black stripped flannel with black fleece on the back.  It is so soft and cuddly and will be perfect for the cold weather to come.
I did the baby quilt 30 by 35 with the back 1.5 inches longer and wider so I could us it as the binding.  I then took some scraps and ribbon and made a small taggy ribbon blanket.  I did it 10in. by 10in. with the same fabric as the other blanket and then I put the right sides of the fabric together.  I pinned the ribbon to the edges with the loops of the ribbon between the fabric.  I then sewed it together leaving a few inches to allow me to flip it inside out.  Finally I just closed up the opening by hand with a hidden stitch with a needle and thread.  If you would like a tutorial, go to Melissa Sews.  She closes her hole with the machine and then does an added top stitch around her blanket.
I just wrapped up the blanket and the taggy ribbon blanket together and wrapped it with ribbon and a small card.  I just clued the ribbon to itself and the card to secure it together.  Very simple but still looks nice.


melissa sews said...

Great job! Your blanket turned out really fabulous - I love the stripey pink and black flannel. These are super easy to whip up and are always well received. Thanks for blogging about my tutorial!

God's Peace,

Brandi said...

That is so fun! I love the colors!