November 12, 2009

Turkey Toes!

I watch some toddlers during the week and I'm always looking for fun crafts, especially during the holidays.  I came across these Turkey Toes from Chasing Fireflies

and also this really cute turkey template from Alpha Mom.  You can get the template that I used HERE.  Go to their site to get some more great templates for a coloring page, centerpiece, and a crayon holder.

I combined both ideas, added a large baby food jar and the clearance candy corn from Halloween and WALLA a fun but easy toddler craft!  I printed the template out on card stock and had the kids color the template first.  I cut it for them since they are still pretty young and tend to have too many oops moments.  They then filled up the jars with the candy corn which helped them work on their small motor skills.  Then they glued the turkey around the jar and the small turkey on top.

This can be done really cute if you decorate the lid (to hide the fact that it is a baby food jar) with twine or ribbon, mod podge, and paper.  With my minimal preparation this project was a great Thanksgiving toddler craft.  

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