February 8, 2010

Appliqued Burp Rags

My brother's wife is expecting her first girl in April so I started on some of the gifts for her.  After asking her what she wanted/needed one of the things she said was burp cloths.  In the past I've made burp cloths out of flannel which you can see one set HERE.  I think they turn out really cute but with mine I had a problem with them smelling like rotten milk.  I couldn't get out the smell no matter what I soaked them in.  To solve this dilemma I used regular dish rags and appliqued her baby colors on.  
I used my stencils for the hearts, bird, and flower rags and I just pieced together the fabric for the rags with the strips.  I used Heat-n-Bond Lite which worked wonderful to applique the fabric to the rag.  (Wonder Under would work as well.)

The part that took me the longest was sewing the fabric down.  I decided to do a straight stitch so the rag will have the frayed look after it is washed AND my sewing machine is SOOO temperamental that I would have gone crazy before I was done if I did a zigzag stitch.  

I love the outline it left on the back.  

The purple and green fabric I got at Joann's and the yellow quarter I got at Walmart.  I used coupons at Joann's and the quarter at Walmart was on sale so I got all my fabric really cheap.

It was such a simple and affordable project.  It also makes an adorable baby gift.  


J Elgan said...

Very Nice!

Kasey Hunt said...

Very cute! You are very talented.