June 30, 2010

Foam Bath Fun

One night, while I was giving my son a bath, he just sat in the water and would splash a little but nothing else.  Those of you with a little toddler boy know that something isn't right if a little boy isn't getting into mischief, making a mess, or creating a ton of noise!  I looked into the tub at the bath toys and quickly realized the problem.  Poor kid has been playing with the same exact toys since he has been able to sit up in the tub!  

My solution to the problem.............FOAM!
 For the dress up figure, I used my scrap booking template called TracerKins (EK Success used to make them but I don't think they do anymore.)  The templates have all sorts of different cloths, hair, and accessories.  I will eventually cut out more and draw faces on the "doll" to make it more fun to dress up.  (I know I have a boy but they still enjoy dressing things up.  Most guys won't admit it but they probably dressed up a doll or wanted too at least once in their life!)
For the letters, I just traced them out with a stencil.  You could also print letters from the computer to get the exact size and shape you wanted.  This project did make me yearn for a Cricut Machine that much more!  Can you cut foam out with a Cricut Cutter? Now I need to make some numbers and if I get REALLY ambitious (or my son gets bored again) I'll cut out a shape to go with the letter.
This fun project and activity for bath time didn't cost me more than 50 cents and I have a lot left over.  This would make a great gift!


Jake and RaNette Free said...

This is awesome - what kind of foam?

My Magic Mom said...

Those came out cute! I made paper dolls like this too and my girls love to take them to the pool. They drew faces on the dolls and decorated their clothes with Sharpie markers too.

Lolo said...

Visiting from New Friend Friday! Does the foam just stick to the bath without anything? I am going to have to give this a try.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Hi! You've got a great blog here and I love this idea. I host a toddler link up party every tuesday called Tot Tuesdays. Would love it if you'd stop by and link up this idea along with the many other great ideas you have for toddlers. Have a great day!