December 7, 2011

Christmas "Kiss" Advent Calendar

I remember as a kid pushing out the nasty, cardboard chocolates that you would get from the advent calendars from the store.  I didn't want my own child to go through that experience! So when a friend of mine found a cute idea for an advent calendar for different holidays from Infarrantly Creative using Chocolate Kisses, I was excited to make a Christmas one for our family. 
My friend's husband cut all the holes for the chocolate kisses.  After some light sanding, I painted my board a Country Tan. Now that it has sat around for a few days I think I'm going to use some antiquing glaze on the edges.  

I used a Silhouette Machine to cut out the tree, stars, and words from cardstock.  Vinyl would have been better but I didn't have it in the colors that I wanted.  I used mod podge to put the pieces on the board and then I did another layer of it on top.
Finally, I laminated red circle numbers for the back of the Chocolate Kisses.  My son gets so excited every time he gets to have another Christmas Chocolate! 

I want to make one for Halloween but I think I'll make room for the numbers in vinyl above each hole instead of keeping track of little circles.  


Infarrantly Creative said...

I love it....I posted it on FB and twitter! That is beautiful!

Alissa said...

Do you sell these?