January 27, 2009

Nursing Cover & Wipe Container

It has been much harder to craft with my new little guy but I was still in need of some essential cute baby items.  First, I had to have a nursing cover.  Blankets, nursing, and me don't work very well together.  Alex and I are much to clumsy to figure it all out still so I needed something that would stay up around my neck and also a way to look down at him and figure it all out without exposing myself.  Luckly my friend Leslie and other fellow bloggers have already ventured out and made one that I was able to copy off of.  It wasn't too hard I just had to think about things a lot sometimes before I sewed them.  Tutorials are a huge help!  There is a loop of wire at the top so I can look down at Alex and I also put in a few pockets on the inside to help me store anything I want.   Here is the two tutorials that I used to help me:  Mama Monster and Our Side Notes.  

I also decided I needed a cute travel wipe container.  I can't take just some plain old white container into the mother's lounge at church!  This project was SO easy and requires absolutly no sewing and little cost.  Just some fabric, trim or ribbon, batting (which isn't required), and a hot glue gun.  I think I might start making more for all the upcoming babies in our ward!  Here is the tutorial that I used to help me with the container at Make Your Own Baby Stuff.

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