January 5, 2009

What do you do on bedrest?....YOU CRAFT!

My sewing machine and I have had a lot of time together over the past few weeks!  I am quickly running out of fabric and I might have to break out of the house and get some more so I have more projects to do.  I have also gotten to know my Mod Podge pretty well.  I was able to make a few Christmas presents which saved us some money this year.  I still can't post all of the Christmas gift crafts that I did because a few of them haven't been delivered yet.  
I made my in-laws a quilt this year with a lot of help from my mom over Thanksgiving break.  She let me use a big portion of her fabric and she helped me cut and sew it together.  Which saved me time and money.  I am VERY greatful for her help on the quilt.  I even got Mike to tie the quilt with me so he could say that he participated in some way on his own parents gift!  
I FINALLY got around to decorating the letters for my nursery.  I took all of your ideas and combined them.  I painted them each a different color that matched as closely with the nursery colors as I could.  Because of the shape and curves of the letters I knew it would be hard to get one piece of paper to fit well on the letter so I decided to do a collage of paper.  I also knew I couldn't find paper that I would LOVE or have the ability to spend a lot of time looking so I improvised and used from my scrap pile.  I mod podged the scraps on and then did coats of mod podge over top.  Thank you for everyone's ideas.  
I also made myself a few burp cloths from some extra fabric that I had.  They are a great way to use up small scraps of batting that I had left over from my parents rag quilt.  I have many more projects left on my to do list that luckily I have all the time I could ever want plus some but now I just need some more skill!

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