August 17, 2010

Pokemon ABC's

I had a grand idea the other day...I would use my son's current obsession with POKEMON as a teaching tool. My son knows more about Pokemon than any 4 year old should ever know (maybe more than a 25 year old should know), but we have certainly had a difficult time tackling letters and numbers. He nearly refuses to pick up a pen or pencil and write, so my hope was if I combined Pokemon and ABC's (yes, there are Pokemon for every letter of the alphabet), he might get excited about it writing and learning those letters . We'll hope and wish and work for the best! (By the way... a cool thing about this project is that it cost me $0.99 because I ran out of glue and had to buy more. I had the blank book already and just created my own template on Publisher and printed the pics off at home)

The introduction to the book went well! My son told me that he was "going to work the hardest to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world." We may have found the ticket to getting this boy excited about reading, writing, and understanding those symbols on a page: POKEMON!


Josh Healy said...

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Aline Guilger Scene- May Line e Eevee said...

Olá. Gostei muito da sua ideia!

Tem Pokémon com X? Sempre que penso em nomes de Pokémon em ordem alfabética, empaco na letra X!