October 26, 2010

Candy Corn Pumpkin!

Don't you just love decorating for Autumn?  I certainly do!  The other day I got some (by some I mean WAY TOO MUCH) candy corn thinking I was going to make an autumn trail mix. Since I didn't have 80% of the other ingredients for it, I decided to use it to decorate with instead.  Especially, after I had gained a few pounds from munching on it for a week!  

For this project I used everything I had on hand.  In the spring and summer this picture frame holds a picture of one of my outings with my husband and my dear friend Mandy and her family.  We have this beautiful waterfall background behind us which goes perfect with my spring/summer decor but not so well with my Autumn decorations.

I got some card stock from my stash and glued the smaller, tan card stock on the dark brown.  I hot glued my candy corn in the shape that I wanted with a little twig sticking out the top.  Then I used the same mat and frame from the original picture to frame my candy corn pumpkin.  Super simple, quick and cheap and has saved me from eating at least 140 calories!  Crafting is my new diet!!

fyi...my talented mother is responsible for the cute toll painted in the background.


Emily said...

I love it! Would it be bad to go and buy a bag of candy corn just to make one of these?

Madigan at madiganmade said...

What a cute, cute idea. I love candy corn, I'd have a hard time putting them into a craft without eating half of them!