November 2, 2010

Sir Alexander

This year we chose to make my son into a Knight!  He pretty much hated the costume until we were outside getting candy.  Don't you love the look of glee on his face?
 For his bag I just sewed up a simple bag (tutorials all over the internet) with some fabric from my stash and then just attached a dollar store shield to the outside.  For the rest of the costume I used the pattern, Simplicity 5520 with a few modifications.

  As you can see, the hat didn't fit my son's large head so I had to make an additional strap in the front with some elastic in it.  You can't really see it in these pictures but the gray has a shine that makes it look like chain mail.  
  I also didn't like the insignia that came with the pattern so I picked my own to use as the template.  (The pattern has some funky Dragon/Frankenstein thing!)
 I think we might have to save the gold boots for next year and make him into someone from the 70's OR into Richard Simmons!  Maybe use the gold belt as his head band!  hehe
As well as this one turned out, I don't think I can ever surpass last years costume!  

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Kimberlee said...

Way, way, way, tooooo cute! I love his costume, and the chick is way to cute too.