May 27, 2009

Salsa Roast and Mexican Rice

I have found that putting salsa with meat makes a flavorful dish that is also really moist and low in fat.  I usually just let the meat simmer with some broth and salsa on the stove.  I decided to try it in the crock pot this time. 

Salsa Roast (5)

(Sorry about the blurry picture.  I didn’t realize that the lens was dirty.)

1 Top Round Roast (Sirloin, Tenderloin, and Top Round cuts of meat have less fat)

1 cup salsa

Brown Rice


Put the roast in the crock pot with the salsa on low for 8 hours or on high for 4 hours.  When the pot roast is done, take the juice (salsa) out of the crock pot and mix with uncooked rice.  Cook the rice like you normally would but with the salsa incorporated in the water.  For me, the best way to cook brown rice is to not follow the instructions but to use double the liquid.  So if you get 1 cups of liquid off of the meat, add 1 more cup of water or broth and then add 1 cup of rice. The extra water helps to make the brown rice much more moist. 

Salsa Roast (6) 

This meal is great if you are on a limited budget.  Add a green salad and you have a wonderful, flavorful meal for dinner!

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