April 23, 2010

Simple Personalized Flannel Blanket

A friend of mine is having some complications with her pregnancy and I felt like I should do something to help.  I attempted to make two different batches of cookies that both didn't turn out so I went with the basics....a flannel blanket.
Double Sided Flannel Blankets are really a frugal gift and very simple except for getting the fabric to match up.  You can see at the bottom of mine that it bunched up a little.  Oops!  Oh well!!  To make these you need at least 1 yard of flannel for the top and one for the bottom.  I think it looks best when you get contrasting fabric but ones that still matches in some way.  (The pink had the green dots on it.)  Cut the flannel so they are equal and straight, matching up the edges.  I just used some I already had so mine isn't a square.  For swaddling it is best to use a square shape.
If you would like to put lettering or a design on the blanket skip to the bottom.  If you want a plain blanket keep following directions. 

When the edges are matched up, sew all the way around the edges with the rights sides together.  Leave a 4 inch hole for turning the blanket right side out.  Before flipping the fabric right side out, trim down the corners to give them a sharper point.  Make sure to not trim the seam.  After the blanket is flipped, push the corners out until they are square and press the edges flat with an iron.  Finally, stitch around the edge of the blanket catching the seams from the hole.  You can use a decorative stitch to give the edges a fancy twist.  That's it!
First, I printed out lettering from the computer font that I wanted in the size I wanted. Cut them out and trace them backwards onto some Heat-n-Bond or similar brand.  Iron the adhesive with the textured side onto the wrong side of the fabric with the paper side facing you.  Follow the manufactures directions to attach the adhesive and fabric.  Cut the adhesive and fabric out, following the trace lines.  Then, peel the paper off and iron the fabric letters onto where you want them.  Finally, sew a straight line or zig zag on the edge to hold them in place.  To get some pictures with these steps look at my Rag Quilt Tutorial.  After you've finished with the letters continue with the directions above.  


Star @ A Load Of Craft said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE I want to go out and make my letters now! THanks for sharing, I'm visiting from Kojodesigns

Craft Envy said...

Wow, that turned out so cute! Thanks for linking up to Saturday Spotlights!

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

cute as can be! so sweet and charming! I have become a follower and would be honored if you choose to do the same!