August 18, 2009

Alex's Curtains

Alex's room is facing the afternoon sun and we have a really bright light on the back of our apartment. For the past few weeks I've pinned up a blanket to the window to make it a little darker so Alex and my nephew understand when it it time to go to sleep. The other day at a yard sale I came across this really cute car fabric that matches his room theme. I decided to use it and the other fabric I already had in my stash to make some curtains for Alex's room.
They were super easy to do. The hardest part was figuring out how far to space out my tabs. All I had to do is measure my window and then decide how much fabric I needed to cover it. The navy blue fabric is really thick so I didn't need a lining for it. With the blinds and the curtains closed it can get very dark in the room.
I spent a dollar on the car fabric and I think $1.50 on the dark blue fabric (and I still have some to spare for both fabrics.) I am just using an extra shower curtain rod for now until we have the money to change it.
I'm ready now to branch out and do a fancy design for my bedroom curtains. Wish me luck and pray that I will come across some more cheap fabric!

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