August 20, 2009

Castle Pinata

I don't have a little girl and don't claim to be an expert in the "princess" department, but my friend's little girl turned 5 the other day and in a moment of desperation, my friend asked me to help her make a castle pinata. We didn't really have time to do paper mache so I started building one out of CEREAL BOXES! I just started playing around and realized that The top flaps (where the boxes open and close) were absolutely perfect for the top of my castle. I added a few embellishments like the tower, door and ribbon...but all in all a fairly simple project. I wish I could give you step by step pics and instruction, but we had left our camera at a friends house, so all you get is the final product. FYI: this pinata was tough for the little kids to break... would recommend using this type of pinata for older kids (like 8+).

Materials You Will Need:
Cereal Boxes (about the same size)
Masking Tape
Tissue Paper

1.) Tape boxes together in desired shape. Leave an opening somewhere to put the pinata guts in.

2.) Cut Strips of Tissue paper to cover the box. I cut strips about 2 inches wide and then cut 1 inch slits up about 1/2 inch apart to make the fringed look. Start gluing strips from bottom to top.

3.) Fill it.

4.) Close it up (and cover your hole--like the green tissue paper on top)

5.) Embellish.

6.) Let the kids smash it!

Sorry this is super uninformative...I will be better with my next posts I promise. I figure you gotta start somewhere right? Comment if you have any questions and I will try to help.

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Risten said...

That's pretty cool Mandy. I'm impressed.