August 22, 2009

Daniel's Quiet Book

The idea for this quiet book actually came from a quiet book someone made for Keri's son, Alex. Each page's theme was derived from a letter in Alex's name. Another friend of mine showed me her quiet book, of which she only made one page. 10 women got together and each of them made one page 10 times and then combined them into adorable quiet books. So I merged those two ideas for a baby shower I threw a week ago. I picked the theme for each page, came up with a rough templates, cut out "kits" for each page, and then had each person at the shower help assemble the book. We didn't really play games, but spent our time eating and working on this cooperative quite book. Some people got really creative and went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined, and some did the bare minimum--and that is OK! Now our friend has something to cherish from her baby shower that each of her friends and family there had a hand in. It turned out to be pretty amazing (my scanner is smaller than the pages, so the pictures don't do the book justice) and a very fun and productive shower. I got many positive responses from the atypical baby shower I threw so I think I will definitely do it again.

D- Dinosaurs (felt dinos behind pockets of rocks)
A- Automobile (toy car in garage, roads, signs)-- I love this page because the 8 year old sister of the gal we threw the shower for sewed the lines on the road. I think she did a great job.
N- Noah's Ark (zipper pocket on ark with plastic animals inside it)
I- Insects (matching colors, magnets)
E- Eating (plate, cup, velcro silverwear, velcro food in fridge (doors open)
L- Letter (Envelope with paper, mailbox that opens and closes) The coolest thing about this project is that is cost me less then $3.00 to make. Now that is not an accurate estimate for the cost of this project, but when I thought of making it--which was only a day before the shower--I was calculating how much everything might cost and quite honestly, I didn't want to go shopping because it sounded EXPENSIVE! So I decided to see what I already had in my fabric and crafts drawers....I had everything we needed except for the bias tape binding! Pretty cool, eh? I thought that was a good reminder to check out all of your materials before you go shopping for project stuff next might already have it on hand!


Keri said...

Mandy I LOVE it! That turned out SOOO cute! I think Alex needs another book.

Brandi said...

That is pretty cool! When you made this book, did you hand sew things? I have seen these types of books a few times, but haven't quite figured out how to make it all. I would love to do one for a Christmas gift!

Brown Family said...

Yes, most of it was hand sewn. Some of it was hot glued, but I think it looks nicer and will hold up longer if you sew it. I just decided what size I wanted my pages to be and then after everything was stitched on or glued, I adhered fusible fleece on the back (for stiff pages) and bound the pages together back to back. If you need help coming up with ideas, I'd love to help.